Reptiles & amphibia


Lizards: The common lizard is occasionally seen in the upland grassland. I know of no reports of the slow worm or sand lizard being seen in Senni Valley.

Of the three snakes, the smooth snake is the rarest, being found only in heathland and woodland areas of southern England. The grass snake is our largest snake and is widespread in England and Wales. It is more commonly found near water where it hunts amphibians and fish. The adder, our only poisonous snake and also the most common, is found in woodland, moorland, and mountain slopes from Land's End to northernmost regions of Scotland. I know of no reports of snakes in Senni Valley.


Frogs and toads are common in the Valley. They breed along the river and are found at all levels. Some are probably eaten by herons and buzzards. I know of no reports of newts being seen in Senni Valley.

The chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis causes chytridiomycosis which kills amphibians by damaging their sensitive skins, blocking the passage of air and moisture, is considered a major cause of amphibian decline worldwide. I do not know if this pathogen has killed amphibia in Senni Valley.

Common toad

Updated 04/07/2020